5 Ways To Secure Password On Your Device In 2021

16 March 2021

In the modern digital world, privacy is the main thing we are missing in our day-to-day lifestyle. Social media platforms are now part of our life, and we can't get out of them.

But, hang on!

More facilities attract more risk! - These words describe the current scenario of the digital world.

Cyber threats, ransomware, cyberattacks, these words are now common in news headlines. We set a password that is the frontline protection for our accounts for saving our social or business accounts from cyberattacks.

But, do you know it is worth it? Is it to save your critical data from the cybercriminal? Do you know how solid and secure passwords are?

According to IT consulting services, more than half of people never invest time and strategy to create a unique and secure password.

Two-factor authentication is the best way to secure our accounts, but not all people can afford it. Here, we will give you 5 practical tips to keep your passwords secure and far away from hackers.

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Use Password Managers

We usually set a simple password like 'Jack@123' or 'ABC12345', but it's also easy to crack. So, it's advisable to create a strong combination of passwords that include small and capital letters, special characters, and numbers.

But when we make our password more secure and long, it's getting hard to remember. That's where password managers come in!

It is a software application that helps you to create long, unique, and complex passwords. They also provide a safety vault to store your password. You can access it when you want it with a single master password of that application.

Use Encryption

By encrypting your files in your device, your data will become safer from illegal access. Use a robust encryption application to encrypt the files on a device that includes your business's critical data. Once you successfully encrypted those files, no one, not even us, can read without access. Many IT consulting services are recommending their clients to use an encryption method for business security.

Make confusing password

You can make a more complicated version of a password by confusing it. For example, if your password is "Tyron****", then you can abbreviate Tyron to "T" and rewrite "T****". Using this way, you can also reduce your password's size, which helps you remember easily.

Add salt to your password

It is a great way to protect your passwords stored in your database from being attacked by hackers. It is the unique method of adding random characters to a password and then hashing it.

Example: Hash (Password + Salt). In this way, you add a random series of characters to the original password, which will combine a different hash function every time someone attempts to access your password.

Use a passphrase

A passphrase is a more convenient and less complex password secure method. It is the best way to keep your login data safe. In this way, we use a strain of words, random numbers, symbols, letters, and spaces.

For example, if your passphrase will be 'To be or not to be,' or you can also write it as '2 b or not 2 b' and so on. Such passwords are novel and are tough to guess. Also, they are more straightforward to remember, so you won't have to write them down.

Bonus Tip

The best way to keep your password away from hackers is to write it by hand. Even if you don't want to trust the password manager, write it down in your journal. Hide it in a safe place where you can easily access it.


Passwords are an important part of our daily life. Having a strong and secure password is required if you want your business website and your digital activity safe. We hope the above advice will help you to make your passwords more secure and helps to enhance your business data security system.

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